Heads Weekly Update 4th Sept 2020

Heads Weekly Update 4th Sept 2020

Dear ALS Community,

It feels wonderful to finally be writing a proper weekly email with a school full of children. There’s been much learning and laughing throughout the site over the last two days. I’ve tried to see each child at least twice in that time (and, no doubt, ruining more than one lesson) and I hope that the start to term has been one that has helped all children to feel safe and happy in school ready for the full Autumn Term.

The past two days have, as you can imagine, been a bit hectic (the first days of term always are). Reception, Year 7 and Year 12 are learning their way around, there are timetable clashes to sort out and new members of staff to settle in to the school. Whilst the ‘normal’ issues that emerge at the start of term have still done so, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how quickly our pupils and staff have adapted to the new Covid regulations. Regular handwashing? No bother. One way system? Absolutely fine. Cleaning down desks? Easy. Masks on buses? Don’t worry at all. For the pupils, I think that the first two days have been a roaring success. New pupils have settled in well and I really couldn’t have asked for more from our school community. I’m sure, this weekend, you’ll have some tired children at home as they’ve made their way through two full days. I hope they rest up well on the weekend ready to hit the ground running on Monday. 

Next week, Dedicas: inspire others by aspiring to be your best. For parents new to the school community, each week we have one of the school mantras as a focus for pupils, staff and parents (via the weekly email) so that the whole of our school community can share in the same values and ideas. I think it’s a particularly fitting start to the school term to open with a Dedicas mantra. Though the first few days have been a delight (and the new measures have worked smoothly) this doesn’t happen without a lot of hard work. My thanks to all parents who supported the children to watch our return video, read our regulations and prepared for the return as well as to the team in school who are working diligently to make the system tick. This shared dedication and hard work from the adults will, I think, be inspirational for children.

I can’t explain the joy at having all of the children back in school. Seeing them come to school the past two mornings with smiles on their faces has been wonderful. When lockdown began all those months back, I promised that the next time Arnold Lodge pupils properly stepped foot in school, it would be an even better place for them to be. I absolutely believe we have achieved this and I want to pass my heartfelt thanks on the Operations team who have made this happen in challenging circumstances. Similarly, I want to thank the staff at ALS who have made the past two days such a delight; their commitment and enthusiasm for their school is wonderful.

To the whole ALS community: welcome back. Your school has missed you.