Ethos and Values

At Arnold Lodge, our school mission is:

To develop the happiness, confidence and skills of each pupil
so they can be successful in their aspirations.


At Arnold Lodge, we believe that:

  1. Every child in school should feel happy, safe and confident.
  2. Every child should have the opportunity to develop and be valued for their individual strengths.
  3. Every child should make the most academic and emotional progress they can in a supportive and positive environment.
  4. Every child should develop the skills they will need to be successful in the future.

Your child deserves an outstanding education. We believe that children are worth more than a limited entrance examination and it is for this reason we select on a child’s potential and the value we can add – not on tapered academic assessments. Every child who joins Arnold Lodge deserves the right to feel happy, safe and confident in school and to be able to make the most progress they can.

Some children will achieve the highest grades and they will do so in an environment where they are challenged, support and valued for more than their hard work and academic achievement. For a different child, securing a pass in English might be a huge success and this achievement, and the varied the strengths of that child, is valued just the same. Academic study at Arnold Lodge is not about percentages and statistics, it’s about the individual pupil and helping them to attain the very highest they can.

School is about so much more than classroom teaching, of course. Our approach continues in music and sport where pupils are encouraged to take part, gain experiences and to enjoy being active, creative and on the stage. Some of our pupils are outstanding artists or musicians and these skills are valued highly at Arnold Lodge. All of our pupils are encouraged to develop their leadership skills; from joining our Pupil Parliament, taking part in Duke of Edinburgh right the way to being selected Head Pupil, there are opportunities throughout the school for children to grow in confidence and find new interests and passions.