As a school we believe it is vitally important to provide high quality extended school services for our families.  Parents/Carers can access the best of childcare at our breakfast, teatime and holiday clubs.

SPLODGE is a “one-stop shop” of childcare, which provides peace of mind for families and fun and care for children.

We aim to provide a safe, caring environment for the children in which they can grow and develop confidently and happily.

Breakfast @ Splodge

Breaksfast @ Splodge is open from 7.30am to 8.00am. It is our aim to bridge the gap between the start of the school day and parents working hours and to provide children with a healthy and nutritious breakfast in a caring environment. There has been proven research that having a healthy breakfast helps children’s motivation and self-confidence, and it also improves children’s levels of concentration. We appreciate that parent’s working patterns need these extended hours which enable many families the flexibility they need, whilst their children are provided with an enjoyable, fun, interesting and safe environment.

We provide a variety of healthy cereals, toast, fruit juice, water and milk. The children are then safely ‘delivered’ to their class for the start of the school day. For more information, please contact Charlotte Liney on cliney@arnoldlodge.com.

Afterschool @ Splodge

Afterschool @ Splodge offers parent’s a choice of length of time they wish their children to attend Teatime Club. The children can attend from 4.00pm and we run until 6.00pm.

We are extremely aware that at the end of the day, some children may simply want to relax and enjoy quiet time. However, children may prefer to join in with more structured activities or outdoor play. Children are also offered the opportunity to do their homework enabling a more relaxed time with parents when they get home. These choices are available to all the children every day.

During the teatime club a selection of sandwiches and fruit will be on offer over the week. For more information, please contact Kate Aston on kaston@arnoldlodge.com

Holidays @ Splodge

We offer a choice of two different holiday clubs.

One is open to children from Year 3, through to Year 8 and is run by Mr Gear. This is comprised of fun activities and days out which have previously included The Think Tank, West Midlands Safari and Park and Cadbury’s world. For more information, please contact Tony Gear on tgear@arnoldlodge.com.

The other is open to children from Reception through to Year 7 and is comprised of fun, on site activities, alongside local trips and guest visitors.

For more information, please contact Kate Aston on kaston@arnoldlodge.com.