Sixth Form

Sixth Form should provide pupils with the independence, skills and confidence to flourish personally and academically

Small, focused teaching groups in our Sixth Form allow us to personalise the education of each individual. We can be flexible, dynamic and adaptable to the capabilities and needs of students as they progress through their courses.

We have an outstanding breadth of courses on offer mixing BTEC and A Level to give pupils access to a truly bespoke education. For example, for September 2020, we have 20 subjects on offer for pupils to select from (for more information please see the page on our Sixth Form Curriculum).


Entry to the 6th Form

Our entry recommendations onto courses are exactly that – recommendations rather than a set of rigid requirements. Decisions are based on our personal knowledge of the student as well as their grades. As a school, we know that every single pupil has a great deal to offer and deserves access to an outstanding Sixth Form Education. We take entrance on a case by case basis and, for the right pupil, we are happy to support re-sits for English and Mathematics while pupils progress onto their A Levels or BTEC courses. If you’re looking for an outstanding Sixth Form, book in a tour.

Developing Independence

In the Sixth Form, we continue our drive to give pupils control of their own learning and allow them the freedom to make mistakes, take risks and develop their own learning style in an environment where they continue to be supported. Our approach balances a nurturing and supportive environment with the freedom and challenge necessary for pupils to develop their independence.

Part of the community

Pupils are inspired to be active in their community through the Sixth Form Committee, reading or teaching PE to younger pupils, or by acting as a school ambassador in other ways. Each member of the Sixth Form has a responsibility within school (from representing the school on ALPA, the parents’ association to supporting the coordination of the Sixth Form enrichment programme).

Outside of school, our enrichment programme allows pupils to discover new experiences, enrich their understanding of the world and add so much desired skills to their CV (for example, our Sixth Formers have recently attained their Food Hygiene Level 2 and First Aid Certificate).

We inspire pupils to choose the right career path for them by providing talks from eminent, industry-leading figures. Specialist university and career advisors help them to make informed choices about their future.

Life skills

Practical sessions from cooking and healthy relationship advice to managing a bank account also help to prepare our students for adult life. While this is a crucial component of the enrichment programme, we take any opportunity to help develop the responsibility and independence required for our pupils to further their life skills.