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ALS Transport Service

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We currently offer several services for children who live a little further from school. These run from Stratford, Solihull, Southam, Knowle, Hockley Heath, Coventry and Rugby. The service runs every morning and evening across the week.

The routes are continuously revised and tweaked so please do get in touch if you are interested in using the service, or if you would like to find out more about the cost.

The routes detailed below will be effective from Tuesday 9th April 2024.

Please note that timings are estimates, depending on prompt departure and traffic.

07:00 – Kenilworth (Clinton Lane), CV8 1AY16:15 – School
07:07 – Balsall Common 1 (Kenilworth Road), CV7 7GB16:25 – Kenilworth (Common Lane)
07:30 – Balsall Common 2 (Ginger Estate Agents), CV7 7AP16:30 – Kenilworth (Clinton Lane), CV8 1AY
07:40 – Burton Green (Hickorys), CV4 8AP16:40 – Balsall Common 2 (Ginger Estate Agents), CV7 7AP
07:50 - Coventry (Phantom Coach), CV4 7BA16:50 - Burton Green (Hickorys), CV4 8AP
08:00 - Kenilworth (Common Lane)17:00 - Coventry (Phantom Coach), CV4 7BA
07:25 – Hockley Heath (The Barn), B94 6NX16:15 – Depart School
07:45 – Chadwick End (Orange Tree), B93 0BN16:35 – Chadwick End (Orange Tree), B93 0BN
08:15 – School17:00 – Hockley Heath (The Barn), B94 6NX
07:40 – Knowle & Dorridge (Cricket Club Car Park), B93 8ET16:15 – School
08:15 – School16:40 – Knowle & Dorridge (Cricket Club Car Park), B93 8ET
07:25 – Clifton upon Dunsmore (Co-op), CV23 1AL16:15 – Depart School
07:33 – Rugby (Bowen Road), CV22 5LE16:20 - Cubbington (Shell Garage), CV32 7HY
07:40 - Bilton Road Shops, CV22 7AX16:25 – Ryton-on-Dunsmore (Co-Op), CV8 3FH
07:45 - Overslade Lane, CV22 6EF16:35 - Overslade Lane, CV22 6EF
07:55 – Ryton-on-Dunsmore (Co-Op), CV8 3FH16:40 – Bilton Road Shops, CV22 7AX
08:00 - Cubbington (Shell Garage), CV32 7HY16:50 - Rugby (Bowen Road), CV22 5LE
08:15 – School17:00 - Clifton upon Dunsmore (Co-op), CV23 1AL
07:25 – Solihull (Brueton Park Car Park), B91 3HG16:15 – Depart School
07:55 - Hatton Park (Barcheston Drive), CV35 7TA16:20  - Hampton Magna CV35 8QN
08:00 - Hampton Magna CV35 8QN16:25 - Hatton Park (Barcheston Drive), CV35 7TA
08:15 – School17:00 – Solihull (Brueton Park Car Park), B91 3HG
07:10 – Priors Marston (Shukburgh Road), CV37 7RZ16:15 – Depart School
07:15 – Priors Hardwick (Welsh Road), CV47 7SN16:30 – Warwick Gates (Othello Avenue), CV34 6ED
07:30 - Southam (Shell Garage), CV47 2BJ16:32 – Bishops Tachbrook (Leopard Inn), CV33 9RN
07:40 – Harbury 2 (Butt Lane), CV33 9JT16:35 – 
07:45 - Harbury 1 (Park Lane), CV33 9HX16:37 – Harbury 1 (Park Lane), CV33 9HX
07:50 – Lighthorne Heath (Iconic Auctions), CV35 0AA16:39 - Harbury 2 (Butt Lane), CV33 9JT
07:55 – Bishops Tachbrook (Leopard Inn), CV33 9RN16:47 – Southam (Shell Garage), CV47 2BJ
08:00 – Warwick Gates (Othello Avenue), CV34 6ED17:01 – Priors Marston (Shukburgh Road), CV47 7RZ
08:15 – School17:06 – Priors Hardwick (Welsh Road), CV47 7SN
07:25 - Stratford (Parkway), CV37 0RJ16:15 -- Depart School
07:40 – Norton Lindsey (Snitterfield Lane), CV35 8JH16:25 – Kenilworth (St Johns Church), CV8 1HY
07:55 - Saltisford (Budbrooke Road), CV34 5RJ16:35 – Saltisford (Budbrooke Road), CV34 5RJ
08:05 – Kenilworth (St Johns Church), CV8 1HY16:50 - Norton Lindsey (Snitterfield Lane), CV35 8JH
08:15 – School17:05 – Stratford (Parkway), CV37 0RJ
07:40 – Chase Meadows (Hardwick Field Lane), CV34 6LN16:15 – Depart School
08:00 – Radford Semele (Southam Road), CV31 1TA16:24 – Radford Semele (Southam Road),CV31 1TA
08:15 - School16:45 – Chase Meadows (Hardwick Field Lane), CV34 6LN


This is a private service for the use of Arnold Lodge School Pupils only and members of the public cannot, and do not, use the service.