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Pastoral Care

In Juniors

The success of Arnold Lodge School is rooted in our outstanding pastoral care. Small class sizes ensure a strong rapport between staff and pupils and each child is taught, cared for, and understood in a meaningful way.

Pupils feel a sense of belonging at our school, which gives them the security and self-confidence to thrive personally and socially as well as academically.

The quality of pastoral care is outstanding, drawing strongly on the teachers’ excellent knowledge of the pupils and the high degree of trust evident in strong relationships between pupils and staff and amongst the pupils themselves.

- Independent Schools Inspectorate 2016

We place great emphasis on nurturing the whole child, with pupils encouraged to explore who they are and the role they play in society. Far from producing an assembly line of children all fitting the same mould, we inspire individuals to blossom.

Our strong moral framework allows pupils to be themselves while also showing regard and compassion for others; they are encouraged to look out for one another and demonstrate kindness, compassion and loyalty.

The ethos and culture at Arnold Lodge School is always at the heart of everything we do, with our house system reinforcing these attributes and values for our children to live by and what we strive for at our school.  

  • Veritas House (with truth and honesty)
  • Dedicas House (with hard work and dedication)
  • Amicus House (with friendship and kindness)

We understand and embrace that each child is unique, possessing their own blend of abilities and needs. In order for them to become independent and self-reliant learners, it is vital that they have people they can trust to turn to for guidance.

Our pupils’ personal, social and emotional needs are supported throughout the school by their class form tutor. This remains an extremely important relationship, even as children progress through the school and begin to be taught by subject specialists.

As well as monitoring each child’s academic progress, the class form tutor deals with any personal issues and acts as the first point of contact for parents.

Although the class form tutor takes overall responsibility for a child’s well-being, all staff contribute to their pastoral care. Pastoral care does not exist in a vacuum. It is interwoven in everything our pupils do, contributing to their sense of self-worth and to academic success.