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Examination Results

In About Arnold Lodge

At Arnold Lodge School, our high quality teaching and small class sizes create exam results that reflect the hard work and achievements of all our pupils. All of our children feel happy and confident to achieve the best they can, whether that be through all grades at a 9 or achieving a grade 5 in Maths and English. 

Unlike other schools that select academically for ‘top grades’, ALS looks at the potential children have and the characteristics they show during assessments. We know, through small classes, our ethos and culture (and lots of academic rigour), a pupil can be achieving significant value added. 

Our focus is on how much value we can add to the attainment of each pupil. Upon entry into ALS, pupils take a Cognitive Ability Test and this sets their target grades for GCSE and A level. Our value added to these target grades are exceptional; for 2013/2014, on average, we added 7.5 grades to the expected attainment of each pupil and in 2014/2015, we added over 5 grades per pupil. 

Our most recent set of GCSE results highlight just how much we are able to help pupils to attain beyond their target grades. 

GCSE Results Headlines 2022

  • 31% grade 7-9
  • 96% at grade 4+
  • 97% pass rate in English & Mathematics

I am immensely proud of the successes of our pupils and I know that our community will feel proud of the exceptional performance of our school at examination level. It is always heartening to see the ALS recipe (small classes, unmatched ethos and culture and quality of teaching) produce success in examinations.

- Headteacher, David Preston

A Level Results Headlines 2022

Our pupils were awarded:

  • 45% at A*-A
  • 73% at A*-B 
  • 100% pass rate

Our A level results, in particular, focus on the stories of the pupils who have completed their studies and are heading off to university. The majority of Year 13 pupils for 2022 gained entry into their first choice university with the remainder either moving into their chosen gap year or picking up on a second choice university education. 

While the headline figures are excellent, it is our valued added (the number of grades scored above targets taken from external benchmarking) that truly reflect the quality of our provision. 

For every examination taken at GCSE at Arnold Lodge School our average value added score per pupil was 10.25 grades. This would mean a pupil targeted all grade 6s would achieve a full set of 7s for example.  

For examinations taken at A Level our average value added score per pupil was 3 meaning, for example, that on average a pupil targeted to achieve 3 Bs in their A Levels would have gone on to attain 3 As.

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