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    The A Level results day is Thursday 17th August 2023. The results will be available for collection between 8.00am and 11.00am in the school hall.

    The GCSE results day is Thursday 24th August 2023.  The results will be available for collection between 8.00am and 10.00am in the school hall.

    If you are unable to attend on this day, and you wish to receive your results by post, you should provide Miss Lavery with a stamped self-addressed envelope (please ensure that the correct amount of postage is applied if using a large envelope) by Friday 7th July 2023. Results will be posted on results day. Alternatively, you can arrange for another person to collect your results on your behalf. That person must have a letter of permission from you (or this has been provided to Miss Lavery, Examinations Officer in advance of results day), authorising them to collect your results, and photo ID for themselves.  Results will not be handed over without both of these requirements being met.

    Results are not given out over the phone. Results can be sent via email to the student’s personal email.  Results will not be issued to parents via email without the written permission from the student. This arrangement must be made with Miss Lavery in advance of results day, before the end of the summer term. 

    Members of the Senior Leadership Team, the Head of KS4, and Heads of Faculty may be available on these dates for any advice concerning the results.

    If you have any questions about your results please speak to Miss Lavery on the day or via email.  Information about Reviews of Results will be available on the results day.

    ALS Access to Scripts, Reviews of Results and Appeals Procedures 2022-23

    ALS Internal Appeals Procedure (Review of Results and Appeals)


    Your GCSE/GCE certificates, which are proof from the individual exam boards of the grades you achieved (different to the statement of results received on results day), will be available for collection from school from mid-November 2023.

    Students who have joined Year 12 will receive GCSE certificates in mentor time. Students who have left ALS should come into school to collect their certificates. Please contact Reception to arrange a time for collection. If you cannot collect your certificates in person then you can send someone on your behalf.  They must have a letter of permission from you (or this can be given via an email from yourself) and photo ID of themselves to confirm their identity. Certificates will only be posted when none of the above can happen.

    Please keep your certificates safe.  They are valuable documents and are difficult to replace.  If certificates are misplaced or damaged, you should contact the relevant exam boards to discuss replacement.  Arnold Lodge School does not keep copies of certificates.  If you legally change your name following receipt of your certificates you should contact the relevant exam board to discuss amending them.

    Certificates will be kept in secure storage in school for 2 years.  After this time they will be confidentially and securely destroyed. 

    Students will not be contacted by Arnold Lodge School to remind them to collect their certificates.


    In Examinations