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A Day in the Sixth Form

In Sixth Form

In the Sixth Form, pupil’s take responsibility for their own learning, with seminar-style classes and a close interaction with their teachers.

Over the course of their week, pupils will have their taught lessons (we recommend 3 A level or BTEC equivalent though some pupils do take 4), study periods and enrichment sessions on the timetable.

Tuesdays are dedicated to Enrichment to ensure that we have enough time to deliver a high-quality programme.

During lunch times, students can order a baguette from the canteen, pop over and have lunch in the canteen itself or they can sign out and get lunch from Leamington town centre.

For study periods, students can use the Sixth Form common area (it’s a no noise or games zone – study only!) or the school library.

Each pupil can also use the iPad which has been bought through our 'bring your own device' scheme.

Timetable example

As an example, here’s an example of a typical weekly timetable:

A Level GeographyA Level GeographyStudy PeriodBTEC BusinessAssembly
A Level GeographyA Level HistoryA Level HistoryBTEC BusinessBTEC Business
Study PeriodBTEC BusinessBTEC BusinessA Level GeographyA Level History
Study PeriodBTEC BusinessBTEC BusinessA Level GeographyA Level History
A Level HistoryEnrichmentGamesStudy PeriodA Level Geography
A Level HistoryEnrichmentGamesStudy PeriodStudy Period