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In Juniors

One of the most exciting parts of life at Arnold Lodge School is the access children have to a diverse range of clubs and activities for children of all ages.

Each club and society encourage children to try new things, share their passions with others and to make the most of opportunities, as well as playing a crucial role in their overall development and helping to grow their passion, confidence and new skill. 

With many lunchtime and after school clubs – from sewing to drama, cooking to karate, choir singing to fencing, children can try a range of new skills. 

If your child has an interest that you don’t think we cater for, we will do our best to set it up and cater for everyone's interests. 

Most clubs can be accessed free of charge, or for a nominal fee to cover the cost of materials, there is only an extra charge if a specialist outside instructor is brought in.

For more information on our lunchtime and after school clubs please contact Mr Thomas:

Mr Thomas - [email protected]

Please see the ExEn timetable & Juniors ExEn Information Booklet for this term for more information about our extra-curricular activities.

Whole School ExEn Timetable

Juniors ExEn Information Booklet (Spring 2024)