Arnold Lodge offers a range of scholarships to candidates looking for entry to the school for Year 7 and Year 12 (Sixth Form). Scholarships may be honorary or carry a fee reduction of up to 50% for excellence in particular areas.

Scholarships at Arnold Lodge are prestigious awards. They are awarded to pupils on the understanding that the pupil will continue to uphold the same standards they set at application. Our available scholarships are:

  • All-Rounder Scholarship (Year 7 entry)
  • Art Scholarship (Year 7 entry)
  • Music Scholarship (Year 7 entry)
  • Drama Scholarship (Year 7 entry)
  • The Douglas Hall Sixth Form Scholarship (Year 12 entry)
  • The Kathy Hall Scholarship (Year 9 and 12 entry)

Scholarships are awarded for the duration of the pupil’s time at Arnold Lodge, subject to annual monitoring and review at key stages, especially Year 9 into Year 10 and Year 11 into Year 12. The Headteacher has the right to withdraw a scholarship at any time if. behaviour, commitment and progress are not being maintained.

Application Process

Scholarship assessment takes place in the academic year before a pupil looks to join Arnold Lodge and parents are typically notified of a decision within two or three weeks of assessment. Pupils must be recommended by their current Headteacher. Before being assessed, parents must register their child with us, after which a reference from the pupil’s current school will be requested.

The closing date for scholarships into Year 7 is Monday 2nd November 2020 and Wednesday the 11th of November 2020 for Sixth Form.

Applications for the Kathy Hall Scholarship can be made for entry in to Year 9 or for the start of any school year after this point.

Scholarship assessments will take place in March.

If you are interested or want to discuss Scholarships further, please contact our Admissions team - or phone +44(0) 1926 778050

A very limited number of assisted places may be available for entry to Arnold Lodge in cases where a pupil does not meet the requirements for a scholarship. Arnold Lodge will also consider bursary applications from parents of children who have been awarded a scholarship but may not be able to consider Arnold Lodge for financial reasons. Parents can apply to have the scholarship augmented by a bursary, subject to a means test. All awards are discretionary and therefore levels cannot be guaranteed.

The Headteacher has the right to withdraw a scholarship at any time if behaviour, commitment and progress are not being maintained.