Headteacher's Welcome

I am delighted to be able to introduce you to Arnold Lodge School, a leading co-educational school in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. Arnold Lodge educates boys and girls aged 4-18 within an environment that places the happiness and confidence of children at the heart of our ethos; we know that this is central to our pupils’ learning and achievement.

At Arnold Lodge, we believe that every pupil should be happy, valued for their strengths and confident in their abilities. Our experience is that only when a pupil is happy and self-assured are they able to make the most outstanding progress in all areas. Our focus on the happiness of children is not at the expense of academic achievement; in fact, it’s the opposite – we stress the importance of wellbeing and happiness because it is the key to achievement. We add significant value to the pupils in school and we have a very strong history of academic success across both our Junior and Senior Schools.

Our core values of Honesty, Hard Work and Kindness are central to our school ethos. The school house system reflects these core values, placing them at the heart of day to day life at Arnold Lodge. Veritas House (with truth and honesty), Dedicas House (with hard work and dedication) and Amicus House (with friendship and kindness) provide pupils with the opportunity for friendly competition in school with a broad range of House events which span Sports, Music, Art and inter House Quizzes (to name but a few) whilst also reinforcing the values and attributes that we strive for at Arnold Lodge.  

Arnold Lodge School’s most recent Education focused ISI report (January 2016) found that pupils receive ‘excellent teaching’, ‘excellent pastoral care’ and that the quality of our pupils’ achievements and learning is also excellent. Outstanding teaching and examination results are not enough, though – we believe in being more than an ‘examination factory’ because learning to pass examinations is simply not enough. As such, all of our pupils are given outstanding spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and we continuously look to innovate in our pedagogy and curriculum to ensure that we give a broad and well-rounded educational experience. The breadth of opportunity at Arnold Lodge allows pupils to develop their skills in creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking skill that are crucial to success in the modern world. Your child deserves an exceptional education and that is what we strive for. In our most recent Regulatory Compliance focused ISI report (February 2019) Arnold Lodge received a glowing pass.

I would be delighted to show you around Arnold Lodge to introduce you to our school, pupils and teachers. I am tremendously proud of our pupils and it is they who best encapsulate the spirit of Arnold Lodge; I’ve no doubt they’ll tell you all about it when you come and visit.

David Preston