• Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.

    - Socrates

Sixth Form students are given the independence to take control of their own learning and achievement as they advance through their courses. Students are encouraged to develop their own passions for learning and this is supported through the seminar-style teaching where the initiative for learning is placed onto the student.

With average teaching groups of less than 10, seminar-style classes as well as lectures, and personal targets, all our students are given the support and confident to become better learners for the future. The student-teacher relationship continues to be of utmost importance throughout the Sixth Form.

Alongside their study, Sixth Form students have dedicated personal study time to allow them to manage their work load in and out of school. This, coupled with their enrichment programme all Sixth Formers take part in leads to a broad, balanced and engaging Sixth Form provision.

Range of subjects

Students choose from a broad range of subjects; they are free to mix traditional with modern, and science with the Arts to produce a combination that suits them best and prepares them for the future they want. Most students will choose to study three A Levels or equivalent at BTEC (for September 2020 we have 20 subjects on offer!). Details of all courses and options can be found in our Sixth Form Prospectus for 2020/21.

Extended Project Qualification

As part of the Enrichment Programme, all students are enrolled to take the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). The EPQ provides additional UCAS points and lets students embark on a research project that they are passionate about. The EPQ is a fantastic addition to UCAS applications, it gives extra UCAS points and it provides students with confidence, research skills and presentation skills.


The A Level results from our 2017 cohort at Arnold Lodge Sixth Form were outstanding. With 27% of all grades at A*-A, 96% at A*-C and a 100% pass rate. While the headline figures are excellent, it is our valued added (the number of grades scored above targets taken from external benchmarking) that truly reflect the quality of our provision. For every examination taken, Arnold Lodge pupils scored 0.5 of a grade higher than targeted. Similarly, in 2018, our BTEC results were excellent with a 95% pass rate and 12% more A*/A grades than targeted. In 2019, our BTEC and A Level results continued the trend with 1.4 of a grade higher than targeted per pupil, a 100% pass rate and 18% more A*/A grades than targeted.

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