Pupils at Arnold Lodge achieve outstanding examination results.

Our focus is on ensuring every child makes as much academic progress as they can so they can beat their targets. Whether a pupil is targeted an A or a D, we will help them to push towards an A* or a C, we strive to ensure that every pupil makes the most academic progress they can. All pupils have strengths and helping them to recognize these, combined with effective support and passionate teaching, allows all of our pupils to make huge academic progress and to achieve the very best that they can.

Small Teaching Groups

Our class sizes never exceed 19 and are often much smaller, especially in examination classes. These small teaching groups, with setting where appropriate, allow children to thrive and learn at their own pace. Teachers, pupils and parents work closely together to set targets and discuss how to meet them best.

Years 7 to 9

English, Mathematics and Science form the core of the curriculum. Pupils are also taught French, History, Geography, Drama, Music, Art, Food Technology and Sport, as well as a Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education programme. In September 2015, we introduced Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural studies to our curriculum formally to allow pupils to develop their understanding of who they are, the wider world, other peoples and cultures, and the role that our pupils have to play in their own society and how they can make a difference. This was an exciting curriculum development which has had pupils studying topics from the growth of democracy in Britain (and the modern democratic process) to discussions and debates on moral and ethical issues.

GCSE Options

In Year 9, pupils are helped to choose the subjects they will study at GCSE. They can choose from the subjects they are already taught as well as a number of additions including Business Studies, Media Studies, Sociology, Physical Education and Psychology. We offer a wide range of option subjects and a bespoke approach to examination classes. Some pupils take 10 GCSEs while other might take 7 GCSEs and have additional support in English and Mathematics. We tailor our curriculum around what is right for the child so they can be successful and have the very best outcomes. For more information, please see our most recent GCSE options booklet

We measure our performance on how much value we add to each child against their targets. To us, a pupil is more than an exam statistic.
Exam Performance

At Arnold Lodge our focus is on how much value we can add to the attainment of each pupil. In this way, we do not chase percentages or headline figures – we put the pupil first and give every child the chance to succeed by focusing on the value we add to every pupils education. This does not mean that our results are not worth shouting about; in fact, our results are exceptional. For 2013/2014, on average, we added 7.5 grades to the expected attainment of each pupil and in 2014/2015, we added over 5 grades per pupil. Our most recent set of GCSE results highlight just how much we are able to help pupils to attain beyond their target grades.


GCSE Results Headlines 2018
  • 100% grades 9-4 in Mathematics or 100% A* - C equivalent
  • 89% grades 9 - 4 in English or 89% A* - C
  • 100% Pass Rate