Senior School

Every child should be encouraged to grow in confidence and learn to value their own strengths.

Arnold Lodge is selective school but we base this on the individual’s potential because we know that every child – without fail – has strengths to celebrate. Our tailored approach to learning continues throughout the Senior School with children taught the skills to succeed both academically and in life far beyond education. In the Senior School, we strive to ensure that every child feels happy, confident and valued in school.

Developing Independence

We develop independence in our Senior School pupils by giving them increasing control of their own learning. They explore, take risks, make decisions, solve problems and share their achievements with others. Pupils develop an understanding of their own journey and value their own progress through school.

This is not about “national averages” or a “dog eat dog” approach to education; our pupils are encouraged to become aware of their own targets, their own achievements and are supported to make the most progress that they are able to fulfill their potential.

Nurturing Creativity

Creativity and individuality are celebrated, and children are motivated and excited about their work. This helps to develop concentration and perseverance as well as a deeper understanding of subjects. Whether a pupil has a passion for art, music, or drama, their talent is nurtured and developed to allow them to flourish.

Championing Commitment

Commitment is taught by example, with teachers dedicated to helping each pupil achieve their potential. Children are taught to be resilient and adaptable with a focus on self-confidence and an awareness of every child’s own strengths. As our pupils develop self-confidence and resilience, they are increasingly able to approach whatever they find a challenge with a sense of enthusiasm and determination.